Asham Dancers

Cathy Genaille & Arnold Asham

Arnold is the founder of the Asham Stompers. Arnold has been the lead dancer in the group since its inception and is so delighted to have a young enthusiastic dancer in Cathy Genaille who can make anyone look good with her amazing skills. Cathy has been with the group for about two years but brings a lot of experience with her from her former group The Half Pints. Arnold is so Greatful to all the dancers who are young and enthusiastic but willing to accept his experience and leadership to make the group the best it can be.

Charmaine Raynor & Dave Raynoir

Charmaine and Dave are brother and sister from Peguis First Nations and have been dancing togather since they were kids. They joined The Stompers about 4 years ago and have been a wonderful addition. They are very easy going and very dependable. But mostly they are just great dancers and the Stompers are so happy to have them.

Ashley Harris & Patrick McKay

Ashley an amazing dancer has taken some time off to have a baby at present. Due in April we expect her back about the end of June. Patrick is presently dancing with Shayna Genaille (Cathy’s sister). Patrick was a great addition to the Stompers starting in 2004 and has been a very valuable asset to the group ever since. Patrick is considered the backbone of the Stompers very dedicated and reliable and just an amazing dancer. Patrick is a two time World Jigging Champion. Shayna is also a great dancer and we are so happy to have her. She also brings a load of experience from her years as a Half Pint.

Felicia Morrisseau & Glen Murdock

Felicia is the Backbone of the Group from the womens side of things. She is a 5 time World Jigging Champion. Felicia has danced with The Stompers since 2005. Glen joined the group in 2005 also and has been Felicia’s long time partner but recently took some time off cuse his work took him to Ontario. However he is back in Manitoba now and we are hoping he can be back with the group full time. Both dancers have performed since their early childhood and it shows in their every day performances. They are a wonderful couple.

Dawn Flett & Grant Thompson

Dawn joined the group in 2006 as a sub for Ashley when she was pregnant and has been such an asset that the Stompers decided to keep her when Ashley returned. As well as an excellent dancer Dawn is a very good seamstress and makes most of the groups costumes. Grant is a great dancer in his own right and joined the group in 2008. Grant’s work has kept him away from dance somewhat of late but we hope Grant can dance full time again soon.

Skylar Campbell

 Skylar Joined the Group when Ashaley got pregnant and has been a great addition to the group. We are very thankful for the contribution she has made. Skylar also brings a lot of experience from her years with the Half Pints.

Mikael Harris (Slick) & Jacob Harris  (Lil J)

 Mikael and Jacob are brothers, amazing young men and incredible dancers. They both danced with The Stompers since the age of 5 so Mikael now 12 has been with the group for 7 years and Jacob 4. The Asham Stompers are very proud of these two young men and thankful for the ciontribution they make to the group. They know all the routines and are very dependable and can fit in anywhere. They help the Stompers bring crouds to their feet everywhere they perform